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24 Sep 2018

You may have come across this before (sorry, bad pun) but there is an expression in the escort agency business. And it is completely true, in my experience. If men trated their wives and girl friends the way that they treat the escorts they see, then they would have the worlds strongest and best relationships. Seriously, it is true. Many clients give escorts gifts, they take them shopping, buy them dinner and take them out. Men try to seduce and woo the escorts that they are paying to see, even though, as they say in Pretty Woman, they are a sure thing. Men who see escorts spend a lot of time talking with them, opening up to them and showing them the kind of honesty that most women are desperate to see and hear from their men. Only a very small number of men are disrespectful or rude to escorts.

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The majority of clients give their escort dates a great time. The women are often treated better by clients than by their boyfriends! And the majority of clients certainly treat Malaga escorts better than they treat the women that they have married or have chosen to have in their lives full time. Most escorts feel really bad for their clients wives. There are generally two reasons that escorts “hang up their high heels”. One is age and the other is that they just feel so guilty about spending so much time facilitating and enabling men in their lousy relationships.

Pretty much every escort really wishes that their clients would just spend more time trying to talk with their wives or girl friends and less time talking to a sex worker. Or, even better, choose to date and eventually live with women who accept them for who they really are rather than the person that they tink they are supposed to be and pretend to be to the outside world. And, most importantly, date women who have the same tastes and desires sexually. You can find most alluring Escorts at Jfm Escorts. A Place where you can hire an escort for anywhere in the United Kingdom. If you have bad sex or not enough sex at the start of a relationship, it is only going to get worse! Honesty is a major issue in todays society – yes Donald Trump, I am talking to you – and it is amazing how many men offer to “run away with” escorts and “take them away from the life” just because they can “be themselves” with escorts instead of trying to do that with everyone else in their lives.