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25 Sep 2018

Hollywood movies in the last few years have caused millions of people to flock to their local adult toy store or to the online versions in order to buy the latest and best in gadgets and toys for enhancing their bed room pleasure. The Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy is bad cinema, but it and the others are good for the sex toy industry. And possibly for our sex lives as they introduce more choices and adventure into our love lives. The days of the dark and sleazy back alley sex shop are long gone. These have been replaced by shiny, attractive and designer couple friendly outlets on the high streets of the Western world.

Sex And Sex Toys

Every week brings newly designed pleasure toys for both sexes. Discreet ergonomic vibrators for her to self pleasuring machines and tools for him. These new sex superstores such as Ann Summers also run sex education work shops and clinics, which teach people the basics and finer points of BDSM, spanking and other skills. Who would have believed that there could be so many ways to produce the kind of fun that out ancestors have been at for millenia. Of course, Barcelona escorts know all about these techniques and are probably the sex stores best and most reglar clients. They need the tools of the trade for their work with clients, and despite all the sex that they get in work they also need toys for their personal lives to give themselves the pleasure that they need personally.

One of the funkiest new toys available in the realm of high technology love making is the Tenga male masturbator. It is sleek, easy to use, easy to clean (a very necessary feature, I am sure we will all agree) and the technology produces a staggeringly mind blowing sensation for the user. On the down side, the manufacturer only guarantees the products effectiveness for around fifty uses. And at the price that it retails at, it would almost be cheaper to visit a beautiful real life sex worker. But on the up side, it looks like a bluetoth speaker if you have to leave it on your desk or sideboard. Though you had better hope that no-one decides to take a good look at it or try to plug in their phone to play some tunes.