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25 Sep 2018

Over the years there has been some total nonsense written and said about the female sexual system. Pussies have been seen as mysterious and potentially evil for millenia. Probably because men do not understand them and have a huge fear of not getting access to them! Let me walk you through some historical bollocks about vaginas.

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There is the old myth that women can not get pregnant from sex unless that sex is consensual. This is, of course, the favourite excuse of date rapists everywhere. Obviously this is totally untrue that a woman can not have an egg fertilised if she does not say yes. But that did not stop the former United States kin from regurgitating that bit of sexist crap as recently as two thousand and two. Trust me, every girl who escorts Las Palmas visitors professionally knows that this is complete nonsense as too many of them have been shagged without a condom against their will and raced to get the morning after pill. This was even enshrined in British law until recetly, where it was written that “without a womans consent she could not conceive”. In reality this was almost certainly written to invaluidate rape claims from victimised British women.

Another really silly one is the old myth that some vaginas have teeth – the infamous snapping pussy. Short answer, no. But the myth is persistent across geography, culture and time. The same myth is there in folklore from Russia to India and Britain. . There is documented evidence of tumours with teeth groiwing inside other human orifices, so I guess that this one – horribly – actually possible.

And lastly, the myth that menstrual boold is dangerous for men. This is even part of religious thinking and belief in many religions – orthdox judasim, islam and rastarianism to mention just three. And this dates back a long time as you would expect and appeard even in very sexually enlighteened cultures such as ancient Rome. This is probably where the nasty crap about period shaming first started. Here is the reality. Menstrual blood is not dangerous to men. But a menstruating woman probably is danerous to a male dick head who says anything as stupid as that.