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17 May 2017

During my penultimate year, I fell in love with this handsome and confident dude that I immediately began to imagine as my husband. I would lie down and fantasize how we would play in the white sands of beaches, share our fears, joys and all. These dreams made me vulnerable but I would only realize that in my final year in the university. We became friends and I was the one doing most of the visiting and calling and my friends warned me that I was acting desperate but I argued all the time. I was love struck and it is only now that I look back and realize that they have all been right. At that time, Sonia changed men frequently and I thought she was a playgirl or something – only now did I realize that they call them Birmingham male escorts.

I have heard frequently where guys accuse girls of loving bad boys or playboys while they hurt and treat the good ones badly. The entire picture is becoming clearer to me now. I now understand that it is not as if girls love to fall or deliberately fall in love with the bad guys. The general principle is that girls love guys who are confident and the good guys mostly like this property. It is either they are too serious with work or they are timid. At first, Chris seemed good and really cared for me in his little ways but after a while, he began to act strange. I begged, cried, worshiped his feet but he refused to budge so I gave up. My friends never mocked me but stood in support during my grief. After the incident, I became scared of guys. I rated them as equal. The ghost-of-ex followed me for a long time. I was only lucky to have scaled through my studies without much issue – although my grades ended up on the low side.

It was during a small graduation party that I and my girls put together that I met Birmingham male escorts in great numbers and one of them, in particular, stole my heart. It was the first time in a whole year that I would say I fell for a guy on first sight. I know my heart was yearning for him but all the same, I tried to avoid a repeat of the last event. Men who fall for girls recovering from heartbreak are always unlucky except in very few cases. Most times, there is always this shield which they will have to struggle with. The lady suspects all his words, actions jokes. They are forced to live on the edge especially if they really love the girl. That was the stress I put this innocent guy through when I finally agreed to go out with him – and he had to go through a lot to even get me to go out with him.

This guy was different from Chris in many ways. I saw the difference but fear would not let me open up to him. He continued to live on the edge until one day he was fed up too. He called me one morning as always. There was no trace of anger in his voice, no form of emotion. We spoke for a while and he told me the words,

“I know being a member of Birmingham male escorts must be the reason why you have refused to love me back. I understand. I am leaving.”

As the connection died and the phone hummed, it dawned on me how terrible I have been. “No, I was not doing that because he was a male escort.” If that was what he was thinking, it was necessary that I clear my name even if he does not want me back anymore. As always, we often neglect what we have until we are on the brink of losing it. I did not think or plan my next action. I simply stood up, took a cab straight to his house and fell on his feet and wept.  I then told him about my past. He held me close and hugged me. We reconciled and that is how he helped me heal. I will remain grateful to him.