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12 May 2020

Sometimes, those who practice this escort profession are often treated in a disrespectful way, and this should change in the end. Whether we are talking about an escort girl from different cities, such as London or Manchester, we must behave like an example of a gentleman, even if we use sexual services. We must also understand these services and perceive them normally just as we look at any other service we call on when we want to improve our lives.

In the case of any other woman who practices a certain profession, so these companions will consider that all these visits are part of the work routine. Indeed, not all escorts are proud of this job they have, but we must be aware that it is an important source of income and that men use quite often.

We tend to denigrate women who have sex for money even though we use their services when our sex life is not the way we want it to be or we have a lot of fantasies waiting to be fulfilled.

Here are some tips on how to approach an escort:

Ask the questions you need answered

Since you decide that you pay a certain amount of money to benefit from the services of an escort girl, you should ask several questions to find out if the young lady you called can give you what you need or not. There are many curiosities in the field of sex, and an experienced escort will understand the way you approach her and will give you the most sincere answers in an elegant and appropriate way.

If you use the services of a lady to spend several days with, it is not nice to talk about sex when we eat or to discuss our fantasies in certain places where these selective topics do not fit. Be a gentleman, the girl you chose to spend time with before being an escort, is a pure woman!

You need to feel as relaxed as possible and enjoy every moment

Even if we are talking about a simple discussion with an escort girl about topics related to work or daily life, it can be a way to get rid of daily stress. Try to be as relaxed as possible and behave normally, even if you paid a sum to have sex, you do not have to be like an animal at the moment of pleasure.

Present the fantasies to the escort girl and ask what she can offer you

Not all escorts are in the same category and not all of them can fulfill your fantasies. Even if they practice such a profession, there are young women who refuse to have anal or oral sex in principle, and all these things must be discussed from the first phone call with the escort girl.

Don’t forget that you have to choose the escort girl you want to visit or with whom you want to spend your time depending on your tastes, but also on the price requested by them. Such an experience must be as pleasant as possible, without restraint or compromise.