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18 May 2018

My name is Diana. I am English and I am a forty something mature escort and I work in London and Spain. I have been working as a high class escort for over twenty years. And let me answer the question in the headline – damn, yes they do. I can not speak for every working girl of course, but for me it is a fairly regular thing for me to orgasm during an encounter with a client. Especially with my regular clients. Obviously there are some guys who I do not click with. They are normally the guys I am with for the first time and who will never get the amazing pleasure of seeing me again. Men with hygiene issues are always going to have a hard time floating my boat, or any other woman’s for that matter. Gentlemen who are not gentlemen will never get me there. I am a lady and like to be treated like one.

I am into the swinging scene in my personal life and I have always been extremely sexually active. I just love sex and I am fortunate enough to get paid to have a lot of it. But I still go out and have a sex at swingers parties in my off time. And I tire my poor long suffering husband out as well. I like nothing more than having a lot of sexual bouts in a day. When I am working as the best escort Las Palmas has ever seen in the summer time there it is fantastic. Because of my prices I do not get booked by the riff raff and there are lots of charming men who want to pay for my company and to give me as much sexual gratification as I can handle.

What does a client have to do to get me off as an escort’ Exactly the same as any man I am seeing and have sex with. Be a gentleman. Be charming. Be clean! I know that in Pretty Woman she says she is a sure thing and does not need the romance. I do not need it either, but goodness I like it. I also like a man to take his time with the foreplay rather than diving straight in with penetrative sex. I like a hood quicky as much as the next girl, but if you want to get me off, treat me like your girl friend.