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14 Sep 2018

Communication In An Escort Agency

From social platforms to reviews and testimonials, you need to be aware of what your customers are saying about you at all times. If you do a good job of knowing what your customers like and expect from your business, you will have a much easier job retaining them as loyal customers. Ask your customers to express their opinions and do not turn your back to negative criticism and feedback, it can really help you understand what changes your business needs to go through to better satisfy your customers’ needs (no smutty comments here please).

Allow your customers to write escort reviews and testimonials on your web sites and you may also increase the conversion rates, as a lot of clients these days do not buy anything without reading a review first. Your site is a good place to start, as your saying that you offer the sexiest escorts Marbella has to offer is nothing like as persuasive as a fellow client saying so. In the consumer world you can also have clients rate you on Trip Advisor – yes they list escort agencies as well as bars, hotels and restaurants! Looking more specifically at the sex industry, web sites like Punter link, Adultwork and Captain 69 provide a wealth of information for clients and good reviews of agencies and escorts alike will increase business.

By the way, it is worth bearing in mind that everything I have said here about feedback and communication from clients applies just as much to the escort girls that you represent. Without the right talent, you will either not be in business very long or be stuck bottom feeding with the dregs of the market. Which is not a nice place for your business to be for long. Going down market is a heck of a lot easier and faster than managing to move up market.
It may be difficult to push your agency or escort through every stage of the business growth, but if you invest a lot of your time and effort into planning, you just may be one of the few that makes it through and as a business and an industry it has a lot to offer entrepreneurs. Often sex business are at the cutting edge of technology and marketing and if you don’t get “ bogged doe in the day to day” it can be a lot of fun. Failures are learning opportunities, and the sooner you accept them, the faster you’ll move forward and apply the lessons to your business to make it grow and flourish.